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Solid access point, business use

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Hi All,

I have slowly been talking people at work in to the advantages of using a wire for connecttivity. But I need to provide the "convenience" they want in the form of some wireless backup for meetings etc.

I dont want to buy blind, so Im looking for a solid workhorse wireless access point with good security, WPA2 etc...that just, er, works....

Obviously good range and throughput would help. I can read all the charts, but Im basically looking for some experienced feedback.

Perhaps someone has a similar setup? Small business, needs two access points for full coverage....etc

Any ideas?

I dont think I need to spend a fortune to get this..

Thanks in advance


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It seems to me that most of the wireless routers on the market(inexpensive SOHO consumer routers) can work well as an AP. Some of them were known to have problems caused by a small amount of memory or a firmware with problems but if you're using it as a wireless AP only you'll be disabling about 90% of that stuff anyway.

Nearly anything would probably fit the bill just depending upon the packaging that you're going to need. Engenius has some cool AP's that look like a smoke detector. A couple of those would be easy to package into an office conference room etc.

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