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[SOLVED] Too many switches?

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Hello all, just recently upgrading my home's AP to Ubiquiti APs. I originally had one Netgear 16 port switch, and added a UBNT 8 port POE switch to power the APs. I needed another to add a 3rd switch in my theatre room, and to that switch I connected one other UAP. So the setup for that AP goes like this router(ac-3100)->Netgear 8 port switch->trendnet switch in theatre room->poe injector->UAP. I know its not the most ideal setup but that's all I can do to keep all my devices connected. The issue here is that the minute I plug in the theatre room switch the router hangs. Reboots don't help, can't even log in to the router. Right when I unplug it everything goes back to normal. Could this be a faulty trendnet switch, or do I have too many switches in my network? Currently I have the the theatre room AP directly connected to the Netgear 16 port switch and I have no issue. Any help would be a appreciated!
a new switch did the trick! wasn't expecting the switch to be the issue as it was working before

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