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Speed diff between ISP router and Asus RT86U router

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Sébastien GEOFFROY

Occasional Visitor

I have an ISP router and a 1000mbps fiber connection.
When I connect my PC directly to the ISP router with a Cat 6A Ethernet cable, I get compliant data rates (960 Mbps down and 294 Mbps up).
I have an Asus RT86U router connected to ISP router (Cat 6A). From my Asus router, download speed does not exceed 460 Mbps.

How to explain this difference?

Thank you
Just found than disabling QoS on Asus router fix speed issue.
W/O QoS : 900 mbps
W QoS: 430 mbps

Really strange

FW is latest AsusWRT Merlin

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