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standard 1000Base-T

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I need a link to free download IEEE 802.3 ab (1000Base-T) standard. Besides I have a question.... which is the distance limit with 1000Base-T, everyone say a diferent number... 90m, 60m , 75m , I don't know whom believe. I know it has an enviroment dependence, noise.., bla, bla.. but a need a number.
We'll suppose a friendly enviroment. which is the number :( ??

Remember the link too.

Kind Regards :)
I really need download the standard, 'cause I must have a pretty pretty good reference when I'll write in a document that 1000 Mbps is available over UTP cat5e and not necessarily over cat6. Nothing more better than the standard. That's my point.

Best Regards

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