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Strange behavior - IoT

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Hello everyone, recently I set up a PfSense laboratory with GrayLog for testing purposes. I have observed an unusual behavior in my network where certain IoT devices, including a Smart TV, computer, and TP-Link router, continuously send packets to broadcast addresses: (broadcast address of my network)

The TP-Link, Smart TV, and computer are the ones that constantly communicate with The other IPs mentioned above are destinations of requests made by IoT devices. I suspect that other IoT devices may be experiencing issues due to this intensive communication, potentially because of memory constraints.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Do you have any suggestions on what can be done?

I use an RT-AC86U router with Merlin firmware connected to the ONT as my main router.

I apologize if this is not the appropriate place and/or if there is already a forum discussing this topic.

Last edited: (broadcast address of my network)

This is normal traffic - as noted above in the FAQ link..

One thing on pfSense - enable the bogon detection, and let it update - there are threat actors that try to use either reserved addresses or link-local addresses from the WAN side, which shouldn't happen.

pfSense is pretty good about handling the bogon's there...

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