Strange OVPN Client issue (havoc on WLAN when enabled)

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Ted Danson

Regular Contributor
Hello. Long time no post!

I have an RT-AC5300 router with the latest version of Merlin on it. I've set up an OVPN client following my VPN providers instructions. I also have a couple of policy-based routes configured on the client as I only want two devices to go over the VPN tunnel. The tunnel connects perfectly and if I check my public IP on one of the two devices, sure enough it works correctly. Internet access is fine on this device.

On the other device, a Roku Streaming Stick+, it can connect to the WiFi network but won't connect to the internet at all. Everything else on my WLAN seems to be all over the place too. Some stuff connects, other stuff doesn't. It's as if activating the VPN Client kills off almost everything else on my network.

I do have some DNS filters in place for other devices. I tried removing those too and even adding them to the policy rules on the VPN client to ensure they go over the WLAN and not the VPN. Same problem.

Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on here? I'm scratching me head! Thanks.

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