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Switched from 1gb spectrum to 2gb Alta. Wi Fi not above 800mbps

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New Around Here

I switch from spectrum 1gb cable internet to Alta 2gb fiber. I was getting about 700mbps on wifi while with spectrum. with spectrum I would run a speed test on the router and get 1029mbps. I do a speed test from the router and get 1800 to 2000 mbps on alta.

When I run a speed test on my iphone with alta I get 640 and under.

Ping is half what spectrum was. 50 at spectrum and 20 to 26 with alta.

I have:

GT-AXE16000 as my main router - in basement

GT-axe11000 as a mesh wired - for camera's behind my house - in living room

RT-AX58U as a mesh wired - for camera's in front of my house - in front room ( going to remove this and move the GT-AXE11000 to this room) I don't think I need this one in place any more. But If I do not have this in place the front camera's do not get signal.

The house is 3000 sq ft

I have turned off and back on QOS - on and off same speed

I have run the speed test for the QOS multiple times.

Turn off AI protection same speeds

should I factory reset? is there a setting I'm not seeing? why is my wifi so slow? am I expecting to much? I was hoping my wifi could handle over 1gb.


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Use anything else but a mobile device to test WiFi speeds with (preferably, when it is plugged into AC power and on Max performance mode).
I have ipad pros? would that work? My wife has a laptop but I'm not sure how good the laptop is. It was cheapish at microcenter. I don't have access to the laptop right now

everything else is wired in the house except for 1 samsung tablet, 4 Ipad pros, 6 phones and the house camera's

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