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Solved The settings in /jffs/config/ are not being applied.

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Hello community,
I'm a non-English speaker, so I've used a translator. If my tone seems impolite, I apologize in advance.

my Environment

- hardware:
- firmware:
`asuswrt-merlin 386.12`
- package:
`Entware armv7sf-k2.6`

I am currently testing what is mentioned in this document:
Custom Config Files on GitHub

I created a file in /jffs/configs/ called 'hosts' and filled it with ' test'.

After rebooting and connecting to the router, when I try 'ping test', it can't find the destination.

I was under the impression that the content in /jffs/configs/hosts should also be reflected in /etc/hosts.

I have enabled 'Enable JFFS custom scripts and configs', and the scripts in /jffs/scripts are working fine.

Is my understanding incorrect?


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