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Time for a new router?

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Ola Malmstrom

Regular Contributor
I have a RT-AX88U that so far has performed well.

However I just got a free upgrade from my ISP to 1000mbps.

Seems like the router cannot handle more than about 700 mbps (down and up) with a PC connected through a cat 6 cable. Nobody else was using the connection at the time of measurement. Does anybody know what the max obtainable WAN speed for the RT-AX88U is?

If the router is the bottleneck, is the zenwifi Pro XT12 an alternative? There is a sale here with a pair for about $650.
My opinion is that no action is warranted yet
  • ISP may provide 1000 Mbps service but cannot consistently deliver it
  • One device is not likely capable of using 1000 Mbps because CPU constrained
  • Most sites are not capable of delivering over 300-400 Mbps
  • Do you ever have multiple devices downloading full throttle from different sites simultaneously?
I have the same device and on cable it goes to the ISP advertised limit (940 Mbps DL/UL); on wireless 6 it spins around 750. I find these numbers extremely satisfying given I have around 20 devices constantly connected (phones, watches, speakers, tv, pcs etc)
Also consider the capabilities of the ISP device the router connects to. I had an older DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem that couldn’t deliver upgraded ISP speeds of 800 Mbps until I upgraded to a DOCSIS 3.1 modem.
AX88U can easily do 1G!
Make sure you don't run features that are known to hamper the speed. Search the forum for that list - Aiprotection, bandwidth limit on guest etc.
Although it's a bit annoying AX88U didn't get a new firmware in quite a while, it's not a dead product and it stands fairly well considering its price.

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