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TP-Link Router & switch not talking to each other

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New Around Here
There has to be a simple answer, but hey. I'm a newbie.

My ISP streams from a local peak to my TP-Link ER602. It works great with my AX73. I ran CAT6 around to my office (w/T568B jacks) and connected to a new TP-Link SG1008MP switch. I tried a couple of power down/reboot sequences and nobody is talking to each other. What am I doing wrong? (Yes, I need the switch for the next leg of the network; then cams later on).
What is a 'local peak'?

Does any other device work on the other end of the Cat6 run? Can you re-terminate the cables, taking care to match the rest of the wiring standards within your network?

Note that the wiring connections or the actual connector may be at fault.

Are you able to reset the TP-Link SG1008MP?

Have you tested that the TP-Link SG1008MP works on any other cable run?
This local peak is at 3800 feet about 8 or 9 miles line of sight. The ISP transmits to a small dish on my roof gable.

Roger that. I've re-terminated and double-checked the jacks. The switch is un-managed w/no reset button. I'm going to connect my laptop on the office end and see what I can learn.
Details at 11...
Is your main router TP-Link ER605? There is no ER602.
What is the role of TP-Link AX73 router - Router or Access Point?
What device is the switch connected to - ER605 or AX73?
What device the clients you want to talk to each other are connected to?
In spite of my diligence I wired the plug on the router end of the new leg incorrectly. Fixed. Posting this on the new wired leg of the network.

Make sure you put plenty of hot gravy on your mashed potatoes this Thursday.
And, remember to always give thanks...

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