Traditional QoS causes sluggish gui - RT-AC68U

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I recently had to factory reset my AC68U after it got stuck on the "applying settings" going from AP back to router mode (I couldn't access the GUI). I've flashed the latest merlin firmware and have noticed everything that I click on takes a while to load if I have traditional qos active e.g. clicking on LAN or WAN takes around 5 seconds to load. Is this normal? I'm not sure what previous merlin fw I was running (it was years old though!) but it ran a lot smoother than this with no delays clicking through the menus.

Having adaptive or bandwidth limiter selected everything runs fine.

One thing I didn't do is a factory reset after upgrading the firmware. Is this needed despite having reset it before upgrading?


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If the old firmware was years old, it would be preferred to factory reset after upgrading to ensure the router is using the modern default settings.

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