News TRENDnet’s New Ethernet-Over-Coax Adapter Announced

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Julio Urquidi

News Editor
Designed to connect Ethernet devices to a MoCA compliant network, TRENDnet’s new TMO-311C MoCA 2.0 Ethernet-Over-Coax adapter is available in two options: a single adapter version and a two-adapter kit. The TMO-311C not only provides MoCA 2.0 over coax but is also backwards compatible with MoCA 1.1/1.0 standards, and supports up to sixteen nodes on a single network. Each adapter also covers up to 300m of coaxial cabling.

Interfaces on the TMO-311C include one MoCA Coax: F-Type Female coax input, one TV Coax: F-Type Female coax output, and one RJ-45 Gigabit LAN port. Additionally, the two-adapter TMO-3112K kit includes 400 Mbps and 800 Mbps performance modes (bonded).

Available now, a single MoCA 2.0 Ethernet Over Coax Adapter (TMO-311C) is priced at $69.99, and the two-adapter kit (TMO-311C2K) is priced at $129.99.


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Why get this when MoCA 2.5 adapters are available at a similar price?


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For some, because not all products are available in all locations, for one.

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