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New Around Here
Hi all --

I'm looking at the Qnap TS-509 Pro and MWave has a refurb for just under 600 bucks without accessories.

Any thoughts on the quality of this deal?
I'm looking at it too. QNAP does NOT provide their usual 1 year warranty for refurbished products, so that's the real gamble. In general, that's a great deal. But do we want to risk it? A computer friend of mine has heard of mwave before and they seem reputable. Also, the item could be "refurbished" because someone returned it, there was a cosmetic defect, or maybe even something burned up on the motherboard and they had to fix it. That's what I wish we knew. Another line of thought is that if something did go wrong, it's already gone wrong on that unit and they've fixed it. Overall, I can't decide between that and a new TS-439. Have you decided?
Yeah, to me it was too much of a gamble to risk it. I've decided to take the FreeNAS route. Going out at lunch time to pick up the 1.5TB drives I ordered for it.
Just found the site in the course of NAS research, sorry that this is probably late in this thread... but I'll just chip in that I snagged a QNAP TS-409 Pro off of Newegg that was an open box unit, at a great discount. Well, it didn't work out. After several days of trying to get it to work with suggestions from QNAP support I gave up and am returning it. (Newegg initially wanted to charge a restocking fee but when I questioned it they quickly rescinded it.)

The warranty situation between QNAP & Newegg is also unclear to me at the moment, as each is currently telling me that the other would be responsible for service after the 30 day return window. :confused:

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