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Tx/Rx values are "1" and no connections.

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I just installed Merlin on GT-AX6000, kind of 1st time. I have a guest network and have Tesla charger, echo show and honeywell thermostats connected. However, after installed latest Merlin, Tesla charger works fine, but thermostats and echo show have no internet connections and Tx/Rx rates are 1. Reboot won't work. Also when I try to connect my work laptop to guest network and could not connect as well. Please help.

Forgot to mention, I am using single router, no mesh. I just switched back to ASUS stock and it works fine.
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Just try an electrical reset - pulling the power while the router is still turned on, then plug it back.
And if that doesn't work, perform a full reset ('required' when moving from stock Asus to RMerlin firmware or vice versa) and do not use a saved backup config file to configure the router (instead, a minimal and manual install is the suggested path).
Update: I flashed to latest Merlin and did full reset (WPS+power, then manually shut down and restarted), after a few hours guest network clients (Echo and thermostats) get "1" for Tx/Rx and disconnected again.

Now I flashed back to Asus stock and did full reset again. If it is stable, I will test Merlin again next weekend. I could not test during workdays.
I tried ASUS stock firmware and guest network still has problems. I switched to stock 23285 and it is fine now.

So the issue is the latest ASUS firmware 21514.

I tried this: disable the Roaming Assistant in WiFi setting. This was suggested by user john385, and it solves the guest network issue with 21514. Now I am with beta version 33874. I will test Merlin weekend but I assume it would fix the issue as well. I am using a single AX6000, no mesh setup.

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