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Upgrade to Ax86u-Pro ?

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Hello guys, this morning i saw that the Ax86Pro router is heavily discounted on amazon.it (€181.99) and i was wondering if you think it was right to upgrade for my setup. At the moment i have an Ac86u (i modified the thermal pads and the paste) and an Ac68u in Mesh, my vdsl2 is a 90/10mb and is managed via cake, the scripts that i use are Skynet and AdguardHome with Big Osiid list, i have not have problems, however, the very affordable price of the Ax86Pro is making me think, from what i have read in recent months, i would go to gain some reactivity in the network, according to someone something also in the latency online and i would have a router with new features, i don't know, do you think updating now makes sense?
In your same situation i went to AX86U-Pro from AC86U. I can only say that it's the same router with Wifi-6/AX, better CPU, better 2.4/5Ghz performances and Guest Wi-fi pro coming soon
Upgrade principally only if you have many AX clients, you want to use 5Ghz higher channel bandwidth (160Mhz) or you want to install many scripts with Merlin.
Remember that your mesh router will not benefy this upgrade has will be only wi-fi 5... AI Mesh will work flawlessy anyway so it's not mandatory
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You will see some benefits of upgrading today. I wouldn't however, considering your network is working well.

Wait for WiFi 7 (second gen) in the next few months, or even discounted WiFi 6E. Both of those options will annihilate the 'pro' you're considering today, for long term use.

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