upgrading a asus RT-AC68U from merlin 380.65_4 to newest merlin.


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hi. yep this is an old tmobile router. im generally one of those if it aint broke dont fix it types.

i dont recall how i got through to flashing this baby years ago but i do recall it took me a weekend. all the standard steps didnt work so once i was up and running with merlin i dreaded working on this almost ever again.

i use this router also for work so i hate to be down, but for months when i web console into my router, the main page right top corner has been bugging me with a yellow outlined exclamation symbol telling me to upgrade my merlin.

if i click on it a popup comes up with a link to update now.

since i am on 380.65_4, is this way of updating okay?

do i have to take a photo of my settings before i proceed?

i read 20 min of posts from other peeps across diff threads and everyone speaks of flashing or just flashed etc. w/o much detail on the method.

i cant determine how they flashed, or in other wiords do i have to bother DL the firmware and tell my asus to point to the file etc...



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oh snap, i didnt know what has happened to this router and asus targeting it back. well like i said i spent 20 min searching around but i wasn't in eye of looking for confirms as to the ability to update it since it's banned. wasn't aware of that. for one thing, i forgot it was called the AC1900. but thanks for Rmerlin for pointing this out regarding the Asus lock down. Glad I didn't just click the upgrade offering. Guess it would have failed if I ran it.

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