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USB file sharing extremely slow

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New Around Here
Hello all:

I just bought and installed a RT-N56U, and plan to use it as a poor man's NAS.

The review on this site said
I ran a file copy of our standard ripped-DVD test folder and measured write speed of 7.6 MB/s and 9.5 MB/s with FAT and NTFS-formatted drives, respectively. Reads came in at 13 MB/s for both formats. This performance is typical of embedded router file servers.​

Those number would be fine for my purposes. Trouble is, I'm getting 2.5 MB/s writes. I have a brand new WD Red 2TB drive. Do I need to do something special to get maximum USB read/write speeds?

I upgraded the firmware via the online tool to

Also, is there a better tool for managing the file shares? I.e., I'd like to be able to look through the file hierarchy and specify specific file share folders. The online UI only appears to allow me to manage root folders.

Finally, why is it so slow to 'move' files from one share to another. If the disk were on my system, it would be instantaneous, but when I try to do it remotely in File Explorer it is very very slow. Is there a better remote Samba interface tool?

Thanks for any help and pointers.

Oh yeah - the drive is formatted NTFS - could that be the problem?

Over an old computer, with a 10/100 ethernet connection directly to the N56U, what write speeds should I expect? Is close to 9.5 MB/s reasonable? Does the Padavan firmware increase USB write speeds to NTFS drives?
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