USB on mesh node ?


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I have an asus ac86u as the main router and an ac66u b1 as mesh node. As it's more difficult to access the ac86u physically, I plugged an external ssd on the usb 3.0 port of the ac66u b1. Though I can't see the drive in the main network page of asus portal. We can't use the usb of a node?


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You can, but it was not intuitive to find the menu item. This post may help, item 2.
I do not have the HW available ATM to get u the path


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I set up my AC86U as the AiMesh router and my AC66U_B1 as an AiMesh node. Plugged in a USB3 thumb drive into the USB3 slot of the AC66U_B1 and the thumb drive and contents were instantly accessible on the Windows network. Upload/Download speed wasn't too bad either.

Maybe your SSD needs an external power source. Routers are designed to power thumb drives and usually do not have the power for other drive types.

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