USB printer sharing on AI Mesh node with RT-AC66U B1


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I have two RT-AC66U B1 routers. One is in the centre of the house, in the living room, the other in my office. They form an AI Mesh. The node in the living room is the master node; the node in my office is the client node.

I have a printer in my office and thought I could share it across the whole house with the USB printer sharing functionality of the router. It does not seem to work. :(

The client node does not have an IP to target the router, and its USB applications do not even show the printer app. I guess because it's a client node.

Unfortunately, there is no space around the main node in the living room for the printer.

I am currently using the stock ASUS router firmware, not AsusWrt-Merlin.

Can this be solved with Merlin or do you have any other ideas, suggestions?


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Printer model # ?
usually you need to get a micro PC that can act as a printserver. An old mac mini can work well. There are commercial offerings available as well. google ethernet usb print server. Most use simple printer protocols such as PCL, LP, etc. You can also do this on your PC with the printer connected by USB if you enable printer sharing in windows.
If you need more than simple print features or it is an AIO type ( scanner, printer, fax type) then you would be better off replacing with a printer that has its own server built in.


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Does your printer happen to have an Ethernet port? Check closely as they are often in inconspicuous locations. If yes problem solved.

Another option is before putting the router in your office into node mode set up the printer then after the printer is working switch it back into the node mode. This sometimes works for features on routers used as APs. The feature is working but when the mode is changed the page where you setup the AP, router type features are hidden.

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