Very poor Wifi performance and disconnection unless on 20mhz channel width

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i have recently purchased a new laptop (MSI GS75) which has a killer intel AX1650i which is paired with a Asus AX11000 router, when for example playing online games i get really bad wifi performance and contant disconnects which makes the games totally unplayable, from playing around with the settings when i restirct the channel width to 20mhz it becomes stable with no disconnects (but due to the 20mhz bad speeds) does anyone know why this is and what i can do to make the wifi stable without restriciting the laptop 5ghz channel width to 20 mhz ? i do think it could be an issue with the network card as other devices and laptops are fine


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This would indicate to me a congested airspace. Keep in mind an 80 MHz channel uses four 20 MHz channels. You might try switching from lower to higher channel group, i.e. 36-49 to 149-161.

You could also try changing the control channel (the one you set with the channel selector) But since you say changing the bandwidth and not the channel fixes the problem, it's unlikely it's a control channel congestion problem.


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As @thiggins suggests, more bandwidth is not necessarily better. That assumes the additional airspace is clear and available. If it isn't, you can expect conditions to actually get worse!


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is this a case of "auto" channel hopping when the wireless router tries to find the lowest congestion bands ?

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