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VPN Director, incorrect/ not working routing

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im running 3 stable WireGuard tunnel and want to use them simultaneously with different devices but it works max with 2 VPN tunnel for different clients and with every daily reconnect of my Fritzbox 6850 5G as internet modem/ wireless router, all VPN connections fail with one exception. the VPN for my Laptop, every other VPN tunnel must manually disconnected and reconnected to start working, otherwise the internet connection fails because of the KILLMON addon which works just fine. The VPN director is not working as expected.


Client 1 - VPN 1 .... works
Client 2 - VPN 2 .... works


Client 3 or further clients - VPN 1-3 .... does not work

and after a daily reconnect of the Fritzbox 6850 5G

every VPN tunnel fails without the VPN tunnel for my Laptop

And there is something else. I like to run a WireGuard tunnel Lan-Lan padlock connection from my Fritzbox 6850 5G to my ASUS RT-AX86U Pro and route all the internet traffic to this VPN Tunnel, to get an public IPv4 for the ASUS Router who i need for the Instand Guard feature of the router. My Android device, the Instand Guard App says that i do need a public IPv4 to run this App. But how do i get an public IPv4 from my Fritzbox 6850 5G without an Bridge-Mode which the Fritzbox does not have?!


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Why is your ISP modem/router reconnecting daily in first place?
That´s normal because of it´s a mobile data connection of a 5G router, it is not a mobile 5G router but a 5G able Fritzbox 6850 5G.
It´s currently connected to a LTE/ 4G mobile network only because at my current location is no 5G Network present by my ISP but it is a 5G able Fritzbox 6850 5G from AVM.


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    Screenshot 2023-06-17 210030.png
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No, someone else will help you with VPN Director. I never tested it because of many variables and configuration options. I can't cover and track all the possibilities. What I see so far is you overdid it thinking your home router is some VPN appliance with unlimited capabilities. Not sure why you need 3x VPN connections. What I know is WireGuard connections don't like disconnects. What I also know is wireless Internet connections have fluctuating speed and latency characteristics making things more challenging.

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