VPN Director (Policy Rules) Problem

Mike S

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I have two locations that I am trying to connect using the OpenVPN capabilities of Asus-Merlin. Our headquarters location has an RT-AC88U (Merlin Ver 386.7) router with an OpenVPN server configured as shown in the attached pdf. The remote location has an RT-AC68U (Merlin Ver 386.7_2) router with an OpenVPN Client configured as shown in the attached pdf.

The remote OpenVPN client is configured to use the VPN Director Policy Rules so that all traffic to our subnet goes to our headquarters location using the VPN tunnel. All other traffic at our remote location is suppose to use the WAN service.

The VPN tunnel connects properly. We can access the internet from computers at our remote location. However, we can not access any devices on the subnet. If I run a tracert the packets go to the remote router and then get lost.

I have also attached the routing table from the remote router. What is really strange is that the subnet is routed to, which is NOT the address assigned to the VPN connection (which is The subnet is what I am using for the VPN subnet for the OpenVPN server that is configured on the remote router.

What am I doing wrong?


  • ASUS Wireless Router RT-AC68U - Routing Table.pdf
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  • ASUS Wireless Router RT-AC68U - VPN Director.pdf
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  • ASUS Wireless Router RT-AC88U - VPN Server.pdf
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  • ASUS Wireless Router RT-AC88U - VPN Status.pdf
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Mike S

Regular Contributor
If I turn off the OpenVPN Server at the remote router everything works fine. If I turn the remote router's OpenVPN Server back on, the problem resurfaces, apparently because the Routing Table is using the Server's VPN subnet address, rather than the VPN subnet address that is assigned to the VPN Client Connection.

This sounds like a BUG!!

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