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VPN Fails, but works on Guest Network?

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Asus RT68U

Merlin Version:

I installed Entware.
I installed YazFi using Entware.

I set up my VPN Client 1 settings in Merlin using my PIA VPN account, etc.
It says it's successful and 'ON'.

When I check my VPN status online (ip.voidsec.com, or at privateinternetaccess.com), the VPN is not working. My actual IP information is exposed.

However...I have YazFi running which is broadcasting my Guest Network through VPN Client 1.
When I connect to the YazFi SSID, the VPN works as expected (ip.voidsec.com successfully shows my IP going through the VPN).

How can this be?
And more importantly, why doesn't my "regular" SSID go through the VPN when it says it's active within Merlin?


*EDIT* If you've read this far you may have realized I'm an idiot and also solved the case.
Within Merlin I had my 'Redirect Internet Traffic' to 'All'.
I changed it to 'No' which resolved the issue.

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