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Pihole/Yazfi with guest network

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I have an Asus AC86U and a raspi with umbrel and pihole installed. My router has the DNS set to the pihole DNS and another DNS to use to resolve in case the first DNS isn't available. I do realise this means that both are used no matter what but it saves my network from crashing if the first isn't available.

The issue is my guest network which I've set using YazFi sometimes routes the traffic through pihole and other times it doesn't and the queries appear on pihole as coming from my LAN and not the guest IP set with YazFi. I use a VPN for both the guest and normal network and all my normal network requests still go through pihole so I don;t understand why the guest network doesn't.

PiHole queries using the same device (the top query is my guest network the bottom is the home network)


These are all the settings configuring my router to work with Pihole



Here are my guest network settings and the vpn it is tunneling through


I think I figured it out I set "Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS" and it seems to be working on the guest network.
Thanks for posting this! I have a very similar setup except for VPN usage - tackling that at some point in the future - and I only have my PiHole's IP listed for both YazFi's "DNS Server 1" and "DNS Server 2" (what can I say, I like to live dangerously).

In my case, I don't have "Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS" on, but for Guest Network 1 in YazFi I have "Force DNS" set to Yes. Also, on the LAN -> DNS Director tab I have "Enable DNS Director" turned on, with my PiHole's IP as the only entry.

I'm in trouble if my PiHole dies, but all of my traffic is hitting it including the stuff on my Guest Network. Once I start playing with VPN I'll come back to your post for things to try!
After research and watching the Pihole when I have a second DNS added, if I'm honest it gets just as much traffic with or without the second DNS listed. So it's not too bad. I hear that over time after PiHole caches queries it can take them much faster than the 2nd DNS anyways!

The issue now is I am having DNS leaks from my VPN after I have changed Forwarding the queries :(

I have no idea how to maintain my VPN whilst allowing the Guest network to use Pihole.

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