WAN not automatically connected (AC86U, merlin 384.19)

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Recently I changed my AC86Us firmware from asuswrt to merlin (384.19) with a previously hard reset. Everything is working fine, VPN was done in seconds. I am very happy except that version 384.19 is not connecting automatically to WAN after restart or powerup. Switching off/on the Internet-connection manually activates the WAN-connection successfully.

Deactivating VPN didn't solve, but stepping back to 384.18 solved this problem.

Any idea how to get 384.19 connecting automatically?


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My "WAN"port does not connect directly to the ISP , but to the DSL-modem/router.
The AC86U has a static ip in a 172.x.x.x. / net. This configuration works fine with 384.18.


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My ISP is Swisscom.
My setup looks like this:

Swisscom <---->DSL-modem/router( <---->AC86U(stat.IP<---->(W)LAN (172.24.22.x)
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