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Web server failover solution when ISP link goes down frequently

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New Around Here
Our company hosts its own WEB Server (W2K3 R2) at office, domain name registered with statical IP address given by ISP and we don't maintain our DNS server. The things run smoothly untill ISP link goes down which happens approximately once in a month. Now we have second ISP link which is much slower but very stable. With router with 2 WAN ports (Zyxel USG100) it is possible to provide failover for Internet access for office users but www server is still offline for clients from outside. is it possible to configure the system with 2 statical IP addresses from 2 different ISP and physically one Web server to provide failover solutions in the case when one ISP link goes down? The client's requests then would be authomatically forwarded to second, slover but stable link. Because of tehnical reasons it is impossible to change the primary (fast but unstable) ISP also we wouldn't like to place the Web Server into the data center. We are interested in the failover solution particularry in situation when primary ISP link goes down (not the server itself).


Mr. Easy
Staff member
The easiest way is to use a dynamic DNS provider. You then point your domain at the dynamic DNS provider's servers, which take care of tracking the changing IP. SmallNetBuilder has used TZO.com for years.

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