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WEP Cracking...Reloaded

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Mr. Easy
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[article link]
WEP Cracking has gotten much easier in the two years since our original tutorial. You only need one computer, one wireless adapter and one tool suite.
implement fms attack

Hi, I am trying to implement fms attack on my own, and try a passive attack on my AP. I will create with a second laptop some traffic. Do you think the attack will succeed on a 64 or 128 bit key in less than a day? My AP is working on 802.11g.

thanks for reading.
thank you very much for your fast reply.

I have another question.
Why only one computer? I believe i need one to run on the attack tool (FMS) and a second one to create some traffic. please tell me if i am wrong.


cracking wep use windows and usb wifi

hi,today i just cracking wep use windows,vmware and usb wifi.just take 3 minute to gey the key.very simple,no need remember many command.just type 1,2,3,4 and finish!!
i just follow this => Tutorial Cracking WEP Use Windows

WEP now not safe for your privacy.Use the WPA and put the crazy password for your privacy.

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