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What are people doing with non-supported Routers like the RT-AC87U?

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I have and love my RT-AC87U router. Been a solid performer for a number of years. I now use it as my main router/firewall and guest network and have the ZenWiFi XT8 as my mesh wireless configured in AP mode. I haven't upgraded the firmware for awhile now due to it not being supported but concerned more and more about security vulnerabilities. The only reason I haven't gone back to the ASUS firmware is I have configured VPN on it for most of my outbound traffic and last I checked that was not supported. Just wondering what others like me are doing? Thanks in advance!


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Based on advices on this forum, I replace my beloved RT-AC87U by a RT-AX86U mainly for security fixes and have a Merlin supported device.
I have disconnected by RT-AC87U from my LAN and set it up with dual WAN while connected to an Android phone with a 4G as backup, in case my ISP provider has issues .... so far it happens only once in a year time but then I was quite happy to have this backup line for almost one day.

I know I could also set my RT-AX86U as dual WAN, but I preferred to do it this way and bring the RT-AC87U up only on demand.


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Like that idea GSpock too. I have the ZenWiFi XT8 but my biggest issue is the lack of Merlin support for it with OpenVPN support (at least last I looked at what Merlin hardware supported).

What I am thinking now since I have the ZenWiFi XT8 is to configure the ZenWiFi XT8 as my main Router/Firewall and put the RT-AC87U behind that in a router config and keep the VPN configured on it. Then manage all the devices that I want to utilize the VPN through that which nearly all of those are wireless devices (cams, smart devices, etc). Kind of a poor mans VPN subnet. This will allow me to keep up with the supported security firmware patches on the ZenWiFi XT8 and not worry so much about the RT-AC87U other than potential wireless security issues. Does this sound like a dumb idea, too much work config, etc. and just go buy a newer, Merlin supported Router?! Sometimes I like the challenge. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated!


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Not sure how much space you have but, I took an old RT-AC66U... & use it primarily as a switch for some extra Ethernet ports with an added benefit.
The benefit is cloned WiFi, especially when doing firmware updates on the other router.
Most of the time... I have BOTH Radio's turned off & use the RT-AC66U as a switch, but if you have a BUSY Family & you have a hard time finding a non-disruptive time to update.
It's very easy to swap-in & out the old router with barely a disruption.
Just an idea.

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