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What is wrong w/ this plan??

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I read thru the article on Wireless / Ethernet based AP's. Here is what I am planning and would greatly appreciate any thoughts and suggestions on Hardware...

The Problem: We live in a 3 story home and I am trying to provide good wireless coverage through out the home.

The Plan: Place 3 AP's (or wireless Routers used as AP's) in locations, so as to provide coverage. Each of these will be home run to a Linksys Gigabit 24 port switch using a Cat5e cable. My DSL is plugged into the Gigabit switch providing Internet.

Each of the AP's will have the same SSID and be on different channels. I do not run thru the home w/ my laptop often, but would like a fairly seamless transition - between AP's if I do. I suspect the real world application would be a wireless device (ie laptop, Xbox, Wii, Picture Frame, Media Server,etc.) would be turned on in a given location and link to the strongest signal for that location.

Where I need help is in determining if the above solution is correct and also what Wireless Router / AP to use. I am leaning towards the D-Link DIR-825 at this point because of the good reviews on range / thru put and the dual band support (I would like to separate streaming app's from some of the less intense devices).

Will this set up meet the need and actually work? Other Suggestions? Should I be looking at something different? Is there a feature set that I need that I am not considering?

Thank you..

Your plan is basically sound. The best way to provide wide area wireless coverage is with multiple access points, connected via Ethernet, which is what you are doing.

The main gotcha is that you won't get "seamless" transition from AP to AP. Consumer wireless clients tend to be very "sticky" and don't really move to another AP unless connection is actually lost.

I recommend giving each AP a unique name. This lets you see multiple APs, since Windows' built-in client won't show multiple APs with the same SSIDs. It also lets you choose which one to connect to.

The DIR-825 was ok, but not great in our testing, especially in 5 GHz. Look at the Linksys WRT400N at around the same price point.

Thank you for the validation and suggestions. I did look at the 400n and got hung up on the 10/100 switch . Any suggestions on a unit that has a Gigabit switch?

Thank you again!

I did look at the 400n and got hung up on the 10/100 switch . Any suggestions on a unit that has a Gigabit switch?
If you are only going to use these units as access points, the SNB wireless performance charts (if I understand them correctly) seems to indicate that whether you use "N" or "G" wireless, you will still experience throughput well below that of a 100Mbs wired ethernet connection.

So unless I am mistaken, in this situation (i.e. using the units as access points) the 10/100 switch in the 400n cannot be a bottleneck, since that wired section it is already faster than any upload or download that the wireless section can produce.
I didn't completely clarify my set up.. I will have these in strategic locations (ie a AV Equipment Rack/Cabinet, Home Office, Kids Game Room etc. where I can plug other items into the Router / AP). That is why I would like to utilize the Gigabit Switch. ie - I would plug my desk top into this unit and this unit is plugged into my Gigabit Switch, with also has my NAS, TV's, etc. connected.

My thinking (if I am correct) is that I can transfer data between hardwired items at faster speeds.

My thinking (if I am correct) is that I can transfer data between hardwired items at faster speeds.
That is correct. LAN to LAN wired transfer will occur at gigabit speeds with gigabit-equipped clients.
Look @ the WRT610N if you want an internal gigabit switch.
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