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R6330 in bridge mode suddenly refuses to connect via Wi-Fi to the "main router"

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For about 2 years, I've had the following internet configuration at home: ASUS RT-AC86U (with Merlin firmware) being my main router, and Netgear R6330 used as a bridge for 2 Ethernet-only devices: desktop+SMB-file-server and an MFP printer.
After moving to a different place, I've restored the same configuration, and upon powering everything up, things worked, but then something happened next day and R6330 was not connected to RT-AC86U.
I've done the factory reset for R6330, and since that I am unable to have it connected via Wi-Fi to the router. (I don't think it is RT-AC86U's fault, as I also tried with the Verizon's CR1000B that I got with the fios installation at no additional charge.) When I am entering the Wi-Fi network name (manually) and the password, it doesn't show any outcome, and doesn't even make an attempt to connect, as far as I can tell from RT-AC86U's logs.
I've factory reset it a few times since that with no effect.
It seems to be working in a router and WiFi-AP modes fine.

I was wondering if anybody has any idea of how I can revive the bridge mode of this router (or, at least, what might have caused this sudden change).

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