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Which NAS thecus 2100 thecus 3200 QNAP Netgear

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Need some advice re above units for NAS for my medical office. I am leaning towards Thecus. 2x750 drives should work. Does thecus 2100 support 750 drive? Documentation says it does not. I was inclined to buy thecus 3200, but one reseller gave it bad reviews. Was that his bias or is this a problem NAS. Major need is network raid 1 but RAID 5 in the 3200 is tempting. Have mixed mac pc network. Multimedia not major need, but nice option. FTP important and security cam would be nice also.

Thanks for your replies.........
I have the N2100 and 2x750GB drives in RAID1 (mirrored). The thing works well as an iTunes server but I've had some trouble with the open-source iTunes server whatever it's called. The only real gripe I have is that the thing is pretty loud (at least louder than I want).

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