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which wireless router now i am confused please help

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Hi All.

I am looking for a wireless router that will provide complete wireless coverage for a rather large house. There are 6 rooms in the house and I am looking at a solution that will allow for excellent wireless coverage all around the house. I have wired CAT 6 cables in the hallway upstairs and downstairs (under the stairs) as well as in the kitchen which is at the back of the house.

The existing setup is a fibre to premises @ 1GB internet, which is in a cupboard by the staircase landing upstairs. I wired the fibre into the cupboard and there lies the ISP modem/router, my initial idea was to buy a wifi router and connect it to the Cat 6 cables, make the SSID & password the same and they would act as access points (the thinking here is that if a user roams around from upstairs to the kitchen, they would seemlessly connect to 2 different WIFI's, same name and same password). However recently I have been reading about wifi 6 and mesh networks and its got me thinking maybe thats what I need.

The number of users will be less than 10, however I couldn't tell the number of devices. Let us assume 50 here. There will be 5 main users, I am thinking of a router that could allow 5 SSID so that each user will have a dedicated SSID, when the user is no longer active I can change the SSID password rather than changing the password for a single SSID and affect a larger number of users.

I was looking at the TP-link Archer AX 6000, but I think a mesh router will do the job. I am looking for advice here on what system could work for me. The CAT 6 cable downstairs is under the stairs, which in hindsight I shouldnt have placed it here, as is it surrounded by stud walls.

In terms of budget, the budget for a router is £200, the existing router is behind a solid wall upstairs, no insulation between the floor joists i.e standard timber joists on the suspended floor and the building is an old 2 storey victorian terrace.

Any advice here would be appreciated.
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However recently I have been reading about wifi 6 and mesh networks and its got me thinking maybe thats what I need.

This is your second thread with similar questions. What you really need to do is to call someone who knows what is he doing, show him what you already have and tell him what your requirements are. Don't forget to tell the guy what your budget is as well. I'm sure hardware suggestions will follow soon and mostly around Asus routers and AiMesh, but no one here knows what is going to work well in your unknown area house built from unknown materials and with unknown shape. Your 5x SSID idea is rather unusual too. What I can tell from your previous posts is your networking knowledge is very basic and building a reliable Wi-Fi system yourself is going to be a long trial and error process with buying, testing and returning hardware multiple times. If you want to go this route - follow the suggestions coming below. If you want to do it right and forget about it - follow the advice above.


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I asked the question on the forum to seek help, and not to be ridiculed. I had rather prefer silence or no response to my question rather than the ridicule urge.


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Tech9 is correct, there are too many unknowns as to the build/layout of your home for anyone of us to accurately determine what is going best meet your needs. You have some pretty specific needs.

A professional network installer is what you need. They will have the tools, tech and physical presence to develop the appropriate architecture for your network. If you want to half butt it and DIY, well then, you have been warned.

The 7 P's of project management: Previous Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Hire a pro.

We are willing to give advice, but this isn't our day jobs.

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