Wifi Gaming on Asus Mesh

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I realise ethernet is preferred but wife will not allow. I have a RT-AX88U connected to the modem and a RT-AC68U in Mesh. When I use the ax88u alone my gaming is fine but due to the size of the house we added the ac68u to help with other devices. My problem is that the gaming pc is connecting to the 'secondary' router ac68u and it's causing lag. Is there a way to tell the router to connect the gaming pc to the ax88u and not the ac68u? Many thanks in advance.


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You will be able to do that with AiMesh 2.0, search for the beta and alpha threads if interested in testing those possibilities today. Right now, simply create a Guest SSID that your gaming PC connects to (it can only connect to the RT-AX88U then).

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