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Wifi performance on RT-AX86U Pro

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Hi All

I've got a RT-AX86U Pro running merlin 3004.388.6_2 and getting weird issues with Wifi. I'm running both 2.4 and 5hz without smart connect enabled

I have lots of 2.4hz smart devices/IOT like light bulbs, the total number of devices connect is which includes wired/2.4/5hz is 38

I think the problem has started after I connected 2 camera using 2.4hz and streaming 2K video, I think the 2.4hz bandwidth might be maxed out

How do I check and even fix the issue ? Would a new AP take the pressure off the 2.4hz radio ?

If you have maxed out the 2.4hz would this stop other devices connecting or disconnecting ? As I get random problems with my Apple Home Hub connecting to light bulbs, even though its ultra low bandwidth

The video streaming can take a big chunk of bandwidth to the tune of causing connection issues with other clients. WIFI is similar to Ethernet except an Ethernet switch allows all clients to transmit and receive at the same time. WIFI can only transmit/receive to one client at a time (basically). Clients have to wait for their place in line to communicate with the router. Back in the old days of Ethernet the hubs just passed packets so the clients had to be aware of data collisions. Ethernet switches eliminated collisions in wired systems. WIFI still has to avoid data collisions.

Lower the cam bandwidth, 720P is usually good enough for security cams, or run Ethernet cable to the cams. I have 5 cams all wired via PoE which leaves WIFI bandwidth pretty much free.

Edit: FWIW I do use Dual Band SmartConnect with WPA2-Personal, 2.4 GHz at 20 MHz, 5 GHz at 80 MHz bith with fixed channels. I had been running an AX86U as an AiMesh node but dropping from 160 MHz to 80 MHz on the 5 GHz increased the range slightly allowing the mesh node to be shut down.
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