WiFi range extenders, bridging, mesh, oh my!


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I'm looking for hardware recommendations. What I need to do is connect two routers that are farther apart than wifi range. Wiring is possible, but expensive and high maintenance. The market has a few different solutions, mesh, bridgable routers, and wifi extenders. The biggest issue is dropping - where a unit has a good status yet it's really offline, and cycing power is the only fix. That's unacceptable. Is there a make/model that has solved this one?
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I really cannot understand what you're asking. If you're asking for anything?

Try editing your post so your meaning is clearer.


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The answer is in your question. Connecting two routers that are further apart than 'WiFi range' requires them to be connected wired.

No one has yet broken the laws of physics and made a product to do what you are asking for. At least, not in the consumer space. :)

Consider either a wired solution ('best' solution) or consider using commercial grade gear for outdoor use to connect your two buildings. Along with a UPS on everything so that things just continue to work regardless of external forces (at least for a few hours...).

Everything is expensive if done right. Doing it right the first time keeps the expense in line with the benefits though.

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