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WiFi Range ?

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Whats the currently WiFi Range ?

WiFi 4 from 2009 (802.11n) has a max Signal of 9.7 kilometers = 6.x miles
on 2.4 GHz, 20 MHz-Channel with 20 dBm, Datarate arround 7 MBits.
With a brickwall 8-13 dB, just arround 3.5 kilometers = 2.x miles.

Speed on WiFi 4 at 140 MBits @2.4GHz with 770 meters =0.47 miles.
In 5 GHz just 350 meters = 0.21 miles with 20 MHz Channel because of the FSPL.

WiFi 6 with 160 MHz has 1 kilometer = 0.6 miles withoutchannel width.
But if you want a Speed of 2402 MBits then its just arround 35 meters = 0.02 miles.

On WiFi 5 with 5GHz and 20MHz its arround 2.8 kilometers (without a wall) = 1.73 miles on a open field (20dBm),
at 80MHz with same Speed @440 MBits just 100 meters = 0.06 miles.

WLAN-Router5 GHz VHT20Signalempfindlichkeit (dBm)Reichweite (Meter)
Cisco C9120AXIMCS 0-1004461
Mikrotik AudienceMCS 0-962815
FRITZ!Box 7590MCS 0-962815
TP-Link Archer AX11000MCS 0-952509
TP-Link Archer AX90MCS 0-952509
TP-Link Archer AXE75MCS 0 HE-942236
Aruba IAP-305MCS 0-911583

Tx Gain (dBi)Rx Gain (dBi)Entfernung (Meter)
(WiFi 6, 5 GHz, HE40, MCS 11, 10 dBm)

So the current benefits are just more Bandwith, but no Range improvement ?
FWIW - 1500 sq ft for 2.4...

750 sq ft for 5...

Basics for WiFi - because physics...
Pretty much worthless information for consumer targeted products.
Whats the currently WiFi Range ?

I'm getting my best effective range with my current AiMesh...
(2) AC68Us could not do my 77' wireless backhaul well enough in 2018... I replaced them with AC86Us;
(2) AC86Us did about -74+dBm RSSI... marginal;
(2) AX86s (now one is Pro) do about -68dBm RSSI, which is near my target power/distance/node location of -64dBm RSSI for my wireless backhauls... which I no longer use.

Overall performance has improved commensurately with improvement in the WiFi standards... although one could argue that WiFi6e is not necessary unless using the 6.0 band relieves traffic congestion for you... Windows 10 doesn't think it's necessary, which is an unusual lack of legacy support by MS.

You have no choice but to play along and maintain your wireless network with current equipment. Rethinking the wireless standards is not going to change this.

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