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Wireguard slow upload

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* i know that wireguard on the Asus switches off hardware NAT*

I have tried two different VPN services, Surfshark and the free Proton VPN.
Managed to setup the wireguard very easily, and the download speeds are ok for a router, around 120-150mbps.
However the upload is abysmal, at the maximum i get around 5mbps....

With a VPN app running on the pc, everything is fine and i get reasonable upload speeds, so it must be something in the router.
Is the 5mbps a cpu limitation or is there something else i could try ?
Openvpn gives a lower download speed and about the same upload.

My ISP connecction is 1000/300mbps and that works fine
**edit** Forgot to mention the router model : TUF-AX5400
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