Wireless Hub for Smart Blinds keep disconnecting (RT-AX82U)


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I have Shade Store smart blinds in my house, which uses this wireless link to connect to my network.

During the day the link will stay connected, but overnight the link will disconnecting. If I then restart my router the link will reconnect again. Aside from dropping the signal every night, it works fine and I can control my blinds using the Shade Store app and Google Home.

I have gotten the wireless link replaced and the issue still remains. I have about 50 devices connected to my RT-AX82U so it's not just a router problem either. Clearly there is some setting issue between the router and the wireless link.

Any ideas?


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What have you tried? Does a specific control channel work better? Is the 'link' going to sleep? Can you disable it from doing that?

What firmware are you using? Have you ever performed a full reset to factory defaults, after flashing the firmware you want to use, without using a saved backup config file? Are you using any USB devices plugged into the router?

Can you (temporarily) use the Guest Network to set up a new SSID and see if it will stay connected overnight? Be sure the SSID is 8 alphanumeric characters long, and the password is also strictly alphanumeric only (no spaces, punctuation, smiley faces or longer than 16 characters too.


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Thanks for the response:
- Haven't tried changing the control channel (I usually keep it to "auto").
- As far as I know the "link" isn't going to sleep. Plus it is staying active for the entire day (and I don't even use it during the day). It only stops working/disconnects at night.
- I'm using the stock firmware that I keep updated. I did a full factory reset a few months ago, but it might be worth doing again. Will do that later today and report back.
- No USB devices are plugged in
- I'll try the Guest network idea as well

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