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Wireless mesh network system for LARGE home?

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I need to build up a wireless network for a very large home - 16k sq ft if not a bit more. I know I can use Asus routers and AiMesh to cover the entire property like the owner wants, TP-Link and just put the endpoints everywhere, and so many others. The property is single story, with cement/rebar walls, and the walls are thick. At present, there is no wired infrastructure for CAT-5e and I don't know if the owner would want to go that route for wired backhaul.

Budget hasn't been set yet but I imagine they wouldn't veto spending a few k on it if I could justify it. She is also going to want to put Sonos speakers throughout the house.
o_O16K sqft home and you're questioning a few K?
I spent $3K doing my palatial tract home of 2500sqft (single-story), more than a decade ago.
Edit: Why are you thinking Cat 5e, and not 6 (at minimum)?
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At the size and level ($$$$$) of the home, wired is not optional.

Do it right, do it once. Spend the dollars needed to make it happen today. Tomorrow, the costs will seem like a pittance.
Definitely go commercial grade equipment, otherwise you will be constantly suppprting it.

If cost is a concern, look at a TP-Link Omada setup using the controller, router, poe switch and poe AP units.

Spend the time and money to set it up right the first time and it will be a system that always works well.

As mentioned earlier, running network cabling is not an option for a house that size.
As mentioned earlier, running network cabling is not an option for a house that size.
My last statement might have been mis interpreted. What I was trying to convey is running network drops to the AP units is the only way to insure trouble free performance.

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