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Advice needed - significant decrease in speed with mesh network

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About 5 years ago, I deployed a Netgear Orbi mesh to my house. It wasn't the greatest solution but it worked for my needs. I have thick concrete walls and have a larger property. To give you an idea, it would drop from 300 mbps download speed to 100 mbps once I left my room where the main Orbi was located.

Over recent times, my download speeds outside of my room drops to 30 mbps when I leave the room. I haven't changed much other than add devices to my network. I have something like 50 things connecting to the Orbi at present. Could having that many devices on the network be the cause of the issue? I have a security system that is wireless but does not use the Orbi for any traffic whatsoever. Could interference from the security system be the issue?

I know you are going to say that we need to have wired drops for a network this size and to use Access Points. My problem with that is that there is no room to add a CAT-5e cable through existing conduit. If I wanted to add a wire, I would either need to run new conduit for the job or replace the existing conduit with a larger diameter one. Both of these are more than I can handle doing on my own and too costly at present to be able to hire out. I cannot just run a loose wire either due to creatures that have eaten through wires previously that were unprotected. Is there anything I could put on the wire that would discourage an animal from chewing?

Sorry for all the questions. I am just at a loss about what to do now. I have reset the Orbi, redone all the settings, and it hasn't improved things. Another thing that is a PITA for me is that the Orbi's security now requires a password length of 10 so I cannot reuse the previous password. With all the Echos I have, I have to go to each one and set it up all over again; there is no way to do a global password change on all Echo devices in the house.
What is 'a large property' in SqFt?

How many of those 50 things connecting to your network are on the main router (or the node)?

WiFi hardware has greatly improved in the last five years. A newer router and node may be the answer here.

Tell us how you actually set up the router. Specifics matter.
I am just at a loss about what to do now.

This drop of your network performance may be a result of Wi-Fi environment changes. More people around using Wi-Fi means less available bandwidth. Wi-Fi channels are shared between all the networks around. Rin some Wi-Fi Analyzer app to get general idea what's going on around you. It won't help much selecting best Wi-Fi channels, but may give some clues about changes. Observe if usual high traffic hours make it worse.
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