ZenWifi AC (CT8) specs

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New Around Here
Looking at Zenwifi CT8. I had a few questions:

1. Asus website mentions WPA3 support. Can anyone confirm? And does it work with AiMesh as well?
2. Does it have DFS channels and 160MHz support?


New Around Here
I looked at the specs and working from a table of wifi bandwidths, I was able to infer that there is no 160MHz support and no DFS support.

5GHz band 1 mentions 866Mbps which is for 2x2 MIMO and 256QAM for 80Mhz channel.
5GHz band 2 mentions 1733Mbps and 4x4 MIMO, which should be for 256QAM and 80Mhz channel width.

I tried to find the FCC ID. I looked up wikidevi and then the FCC report and does not appear to be certified for DFS channels.

Still wondering about WPA3. Anyone have experience with this device?

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