ZenWifi AX XT8 - cannot connect squeezebox radios (logitech)

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I have just purchased a pack of 2 ZenWifi AX XT8.
Everything was quite fast to setup. Except for my 2 squeezebox radios.
I am unable to connect these radios to wifi (ethernet has been working but of course it is not what I need).
Radios can see SSID but both WPS or password connection fail. I have tried with a wifi guest network (even w/o password) but without success.

Anyone could help me to diagnose the issue?

Without that I will have to return these beauties.

There is an entry in system log:
Nov 22 16:09:58 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(497): wl0.2: Auth 00:04:20:2A:57:D2, status: Successful (0)
Nov 22 16:09:58 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(461): wl0.2: Deauth_ind 00:04:20:2A:57:D2, status: 0, reason: Unspecified reason (1)


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Have you manually set the wifi channel?
Some devices are limited on what channels they can use. (Amazon firesticks being an example)


Mr. Easy
Staff member
Are there a lot of those auth/deauth entries in the log? Does the MAC address match the squeezebox's?

It could be that the router is trying to band-steer the radio and it doesn't want to move.

If you can, try disabling the 5 GHz radios on the XT8 for a bit and see if the squeezebox connections. They try enabling 2.4 GHz only.


New Around Here
Unfortunately no success by disabling wifi6, nor setting fixed channel (tried 1, 6, 11).
I have not yet tried to disable 5GHz. I will do it.

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