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ZenWifi AX xt8 - egress port already in use error

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I'm not 100% confident on this, but I keep seeing this error near/around the time that my network just takes a huge dump. When my network collapses I am unable to connect to the router (, nor any devices on network. I have to wait some 2-3 min before the router UI is accessible, and a bit longer still for my devices to come up. Oddly it seems that wifi devices come up faster than hardwired devices.

ZenWifi AX - Merlin - 386.07_2-gnuton1

Small zerp of log with the error I suspect is part of this

Oct 5 20:19:33 dropbear[7316]: Password auth succeeded for 'admin' from
Oct 5 20:21:20 kernel: ERROR [sysport_classifier_flow_port_add,768]: Egress port 3 is already in use
Oct 5 20:21:20 kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[ERROR archer] archer_mcast_activate,592: ADD_PORT: Could not sysport_classifier_flow_port_add^[[0m
Oct 5 20:21:20 dropbear[7795]: Password auth succeeded for 'admin' from
Oct 5 20:21:20 dropbear[7801]: Password auth succeeded for 'admin' from

I did already reset (AND DID NOT RESTORE) and re-setup my router today actually as a troubleshooting measure as I've had this incident happen about 10-15 times now and it's absolutely awful to try to work through.

Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated

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