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  1. T

    When is XT8 end of life?

    Hey all. I have a set of XT8's that have been working well, but I am wondering when they will become EOL. I can't find anything on ASUS's website regarding this, so thought I would ask here. Want to know when I should start thinking of replacements or upgrades. Thanks!
  2. J

    XT12 / Dual WAN / nextdns / IOT

    hello, I have a duo of XT8 with use of backhaul. I have around fifteen connected objects that use wifi and matter. My Apple TV 4K serves as a matter bridge and is connected via ethernet. I also use Google Homes to control them by voice which are necessarily on wifi. As is often advised, I...
  3. H

    Extend Aimesh

    Hi I have an Aimesh system at home that works pretty well. One XT8 as main router and 3 extra XT8 nodes. I now would like to extend towards another place in the house. The idea is to buy a new main router and use the existing XT8 as the extra node. I'm looking for a better (tri-band) router...
  4. S

    Asus XT8 internet drops and wired backhaul

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm sorry for this long post. I been reading through the forum for months now and trying to figure out what do to get these XT8 working. You all seems incredibly knowledgeable. I upgraded from an Orbi RBR50/RBS50 because the Orbi didn't let me manage my bandwitdth and...
  5. davidski

    Retrieving serial number via CLI or WebUI

    Is there a way to retrieve the serial number of XT8 devices remotely (either via SSH or the WebUI)? I've looked all throughout the GUI, the various CLI commands and log files, with no success. There's so much other hardware information directly exposed and it would be convenient for...
  6. davidski

    GNUton 388.2 - ZenWifi XT8 - avahi name conflicts

    I'm running three ZenWifi XT8s (HW Rev 1.0), all interconnected over Ethernet. The primary node is running GNUton's 388.2 fork, while the two mesh nodes are running the latest ASUS stock firmware. The main node and one mesh works fine, but the third device (running in mesh) has been nothing but...
  7. sraposo

    ZenWiFi AX XT8 - Performance tweaks

    Hey there, I’ve been tinkering with my home set up for awhile now and while I’m very happy with the results and don’t have much to complain about, I feel like I’m not quite getting the speeds I should be and would love some outside opinion. The basic setup is a Bell Giga Hub modem/router...
  8. S

    ASUS ZenWiFi AX6600 (XT8) hardware fail?

    Hi all, I recently got a XT8. When turning it on the led just turns white and keeps white. Nothing else happens, no wireless, no ethernet. No reset, hard-reset is possible and also no factory reset because the ethernet port is down. I decided to check the serial console of the router. Can...
  9. P

    Loss of Ethernet with XT8

    I am at wits end and I can't figure out the problem. This similar issue was occurring with a previous router I had (Orbi), just less frequently. My router will just completely drop all ethernet connections. I have a fairly simple setup ASUS XT8, which connects to a 8port switch, then to the...
  10. S

    XT8 5GHz-2 Backhaul Doesn't Hold - Any Final Suggestions?

    Hello, I've had a pair of XT8s for the last few months, configured with a wireless (5GHz-2) backhaul. Every few hours/days, the backhaul drops to 2.4GHz, interrupting any clients connected to the secondary node and severely reducing the throughput. I've reached a point where I think I've tried...
  11. K

    XT8 wireless connection seems slow.

    Hi I recently got a gigabit fibre connection and decided to buy a couple of XT8 at the same time. One of my main reasons for buying the XT8's was to be able to have wireless backhaul across my apartment, as my fibre connection enters my apartment at the opposite end of my old internet...
  12. F

    Switching off Asus XT8 WiFi Access point

    Hi all, I am running 3 Asus XT8 in Accesspoint mode (AIMESH with a dedicated ethernet backhaul) connected to an OPNsense hardware firewall. One of the accesspoints is used very little, so I would like to switch it off, and only switch it on if needed. My question is: Is it ok to switch off...
  13. V

    NAT loopback with ZenWIFI XT8

    Hi ! I have an issue with the NAT loopback on my ZenWifi XT8. I have several container on my server and I want to use the reverse proxy on my LAN to access on this ressource. Synology block the port 80 and 443 so I need to do port forwarding on the router to redirect my traffic to my reverse...
  14. L

    Best stable firmware for XT8

    I am currently using firmware 42095 on my four XT8's. Two are hardwired whilst the other two are wireless backhaul. I want to get advice on whether there is any later version of the firmware that is stable that can support a mixed setup? Reading the various posts, I'm not hopeful.
  15. carchayser

    Slow wifi speed on Xt8

    Hi guys! My current ISP plan is 600 down and 1gb up. When running a speedtest using my pc (connected via ethernet to xt8), I am getting that said speed. However, when connecting wirelessly, I am only getting around 300-400 down and 300-400 up. When I connect wirelessly directly to the modem, I...
  16. tabormeister

    GT-AX6000 performance/guest wifi issues

    GT-AX6000 main, two XT8 mesh nodes w/ 2.5g hard-wired backhaul. Currently on 388.21617 on main and nodes. If I enable guest wifi sync to nodes, everything completely freaks out - ips don't get handed out, etc. I've submitted feedback to Asus multiple times and have gotten no response. Any ideas...
  17. T

    XT8 normal behavior?

    I've just bought a pair of XT8s to go with my 1000/1000 MB internet connection. The XT8 node has 'great' signal strength to the 'XT8 router' via wireless(5GHz) backhaul. I'll get 430/250 MB wireless wifi on my S22 phone from the node, which I'm pleased with. However, watching the World cup...
  18. M

    Extending AX6600 (XT8) mesh

    Newbie here. I have the AX6600 (XT8 2-pack). It's great, but I want to extend the signal to our back patio. What is the best and most economical way to do this? Buying a single AX6600 is pretty expensive. Details: Our home is strangely configured with interior brick walls and big appliances...
  19. A

    ASUS XT8 limited wired speed, 1gig Ethernet CAT7 CAT5e

    Hi all, My first post in the forum so go easy on me please.. I have recently got a new 1gig broadband package (with YouFibre). My set up is as follow: optical cable from outside > YouFibre ONT box (modem) > CAT 7 Ethernet > ASUS XT8 router > CAT5e WiFi speed is fine (around 700-800Mbps)...
  20. K

    ZenWifi AX xt8 - egress port already in use error

    I'm not 100% confident on this, but I keep seeing this error near/around the time that my network just takes a huge dump. When my network collapses I am unable to connect to the router (, nor any devices on network. I have to wait some 2-3 min before the router UI is accessible, and...