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Zenwifi Pro XT12 RSSI & connexion issues

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New Around Here
Hi everyone,
I've installed 1 router Zenwifi Pro XT12 en a second one as node (in each part of my house).
Because of the distance and the walls between the 2 Asus, I reach barely a RSSI of -75 dBm on my node. But if I make a speedtest around this node, I obtain 400 Mbps (download) (the level at my router is 500 Mbps). So I thought no problem.
But after a while, my RSSI deteriotates to -80 dBm and Lower. Then I loose sometimes the connexion which is really annoying!
To solve this, I decided to install a wired backhaul to my node. Doing that, my RSSI is excellent BUT my speedtest drops to less than 70 Mbps.
So what could I do to improve the RSSI of my node (and avoiding connection losses) without deteriorating too much my speedtest? Do I need to add a node (e.g. a compatible router)? Other solutions?
Thanks for any advices that could help me (I am not a specialist).
Have a nice day!
How did you install the wireless backhaul? What cable did you use, what ports did you use and what settings did you change?

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