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Zyxel NAS 540 hardware info

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New Around Here
Dear SNB readers,
I've just joined the forum, so apologize me if I may post in the wrong section, did my best to find the better spot to do it. 🫣
I've been recently gifted with a Zyxel NAS 540, which, a very unlucky friend of mine, told me that it was thunderstruck near his apartment.

The NAS still works properly in all its functionalities, the only downside is that one of the SATA bay interface got fried, so actually the NAS can only provide 3 out of 4 of the SATA interface (witch degrades the RAID performances and possible configurations).
This item is out of warranty, so I've opened up the chassis and I've been searching for some fried component...

I found the main cause of the fault in a single component situated on the SATA daugheterboard really near the SATA interfaces.
The component its an SMD 3 pin SOT, its label is gone due to the burnt but the PCB near says "Q6", so it shall be an SMD 3 pin transistor.
Looking around the burnt Q6 I can spot other SOT SMD transistors namely of two types:
  • a pair of K1N87
  • an N53A
Comparing what remains of the label it seems that it could potentially be an N53A transistor, so can somebody confirm that?

Also, given the correct label, now comes the hard part, there is no info about N53A transistors (and his datasheet) on the internet, at least in this 3-pin format (I found the 5-pin version, which may still a different component)

By the way even confirming that it is an N53A transistor Istill need to and hope to find a good replacement for it... ☠️
I give you some pics to show you the "magic smoked" component 😁😅😭

Thanks for your time.


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