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    Asus AC88U 386.1.2 firmware update - can not login to UI

    Thanks, actually, within an hour after I posted, it just started to work...
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    AC88U 386.1_2 (latest) causes lags and freezes

    Hi there! I've got a problem with the latest AsusMerlin firmware. After I flashed it, I did not (yet) make a factory reset. I have great lag spikes in games around every 5-10 minutes, and when watching a movie over LAN, it usually (like 80% of the time) the playback freezes and hangs every...
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    Asus AC88U 386.1.2 firmware update - can not login to UI

    Hi there guys! I have an interesting problem. After I updated to firmware 386.1.2 on my AC88U, I cannot login from ANYWHERE into the router. The login screen pops up as usual, but once I give it the username and password, hit login, it just keeps on loading and doesn't connect. Otherwise...
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    Asus AC66U B1 Wake on WAN

    Hi there! I would like to make WOL working on my AC66U b1, with the firmware. The problem is, that on lan, I can wake up the PC either with its own IP, or the broadcast IP ( But through internet, it will only wake up within a few minutes of shutdown...