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    ASUS RTAX6000 (88U) Stock vs Merlin 386 security fix question @Merlin

    Hi merlin, quick question about your firmware versus the stock asus firmware specifically for the AX 6000 (RT AX 88U) regarding security fixes: On the asus website for the 88u (RT-AX88U|WiFi 6|ASUS USA), there have been several firmware updates within the last few months that address different...
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    Windows is slow to gain internet connectivity after flashing Merlin on Asus RT-AX88U

    i have a different theory on this. It may be outlandish but is there a chance this is because of spanning tree? in my mind what is hapenning, maybe the PC has VLANs or some type of virtual switch running on it, and the router is receiving a BPDU and not allowing the port to turn fowarding. or...
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    Your ISP's DHCP does not function correctly

    im not positive but I believe in the beta changelog for 386 they mention an issue with ISP dhcp failing due to trend micro being enabled. maybe try turning that off if the issue is severe, but i do believe going forward that issue will be addressed.
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    redirect HTTP webui to HTTPS

    i actually used to use that extension, but i also used to use a separate ad blocker extension. however, i decided to scrap both of those and i switched to adguard, the full app which functions on the whole OS not just browser which is paid. it combines all those features and in my opinion very...
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    redirect HTTP webui to HTTPS

    i dont think so within the GUI, but i do know that there is a feature on certain browsers, or at least apps you can download that force https "everywhere". but frankly id recommend just making a bookmark for the right URL