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    Guest networks in AP mode - no client isolation?

    Is disabling intranet access for guest networks supposed to work when a router is in AP mode? I saw it works by way of ebtables but I wasn't sure if those rules actually take effect when in AP mode. If it matters, I'm asking for an RT-AC3200
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    VLAN script at services-start... and what else?

    It seems like services-start is the right place for the initial VLAN setup script I wrote. Should it also be triggered by other events? And if so does anyone have insight into which one(s)? I'm guessing a service-event-end on something like wireless or networking, but I actually am having...
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    SSID to VLAN

    Thanks! I used your script to build my own. Works great on RT-AC3200.
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    VPN clients cannot talk to wifi-connected LAN hosts

    No scripts and I think I did a reset the last time I installed. Either way I guess I can reinstall fresh. Need to upgrade anyway (although I didn't see anything about this specifically in the changelog).
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    VPN clients cannot talk to wifi-connected LAN hosts

    Hi all- I have been pulling my hair out over this. I have OpenVPN server set up on asus merlin. Everything works fine and the clients that connect can connect, can ping and talk to WIRED LAN hosts, but cannot talk to Wifi-connected LAN hosts. Any ideas? LAN = VPN =
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    Diversion + skynet + freshjr + stubby... any conflicts?

    As per the title, will there be any conflicts running diversion, skynet, freshjr's QoS enhancement, and stubby all on the same router? Is there any reason to load them kn any certain order? Any other pointers or words of warning / advice with this potential setup? Hardware is asus rt-ac3200...