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    Asus Router Antenna Tweaking

    You mean omnidirectional(omni=all, uni=one).
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    Asus Router Antenna Tweaking

    I wouldn't assume so or they'D be stiff (unless you change it all the time I guess but I do guess you sometimes leave the vicinity of your router ;)). Haven't messed around extensively myself but I always set it up assuming that my furthest away and/or most important clients should be situated...
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    Bug in CTF?

    Yeah but if it is reproducible it can be reported to Asus and it stands to reason Asus would report it to broadcom, right?
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    Solved How to kick/block a LAN connection? (LCFC (HeFei) Electronics Technolgy)

    that's a manufacturing branch of lenovo it seems iirc my laptop also looks like that. anything on the other side of that plc connection?
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    The mystery of online gaming.

    Yeah I think by the time it's up and running the game should have resolved all the hostnames it's going to need. DNS really shouldn't be a performance factor here I'd wager...
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2_6 is now available

    me neither I just noticed. I see the pages but nothing new (besides my own channels) appears anywhere when I click start collecting data. Also no connected devices on the troubleshooting site
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2_6 is now available

    Same here. All is well
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    QoS WAN packet overhead

    Hi, sorry if this is discussed somewhere but the search results I read through often only perpherally tough this but I couldn't find a clear answer. So I know some QoS mechanisms depend on the overhead figure more than others but I wonder how it is relevant at all to be honset. So most...
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    QoS Gaming Class Issue

    hrm yeah I guess Tend Micro (or nvidia) have changed something. Not super high priority for me since a. I don't game a lot and b. my network isn't saturated all that often anyway so QoS is more of a plaything for me. I noticed something similar in MS Teams today. Seems *some* traffic is...
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    QoS Gaming Class Issue

    I just spent a couple of minutes in a geforce nwo game on my laptop and I saw mostly "other" in the flexqos tab. Geforce now is even listed in the appdb thingy and I made sure to classify it as gaming there manually also. Edit: This is while alt+tab'ing out of witcher2 on geforce:
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    Request: Recommend a Media Bridge

    any old router will probably do - enough mimo streams might pay off though depending on how much is going on bihind it. I just upgraded from an r7000 to an rt-ac86u and I now use the R7000 as wifi bridge in the sleeping room. it is simultaneously the fastest client I have as well as the most...
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    The rmerlin donation thread.

    next beer is on me - wont be the last one
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    New AC86U High CPU Load Average

    But what do those load averae smean then if not what they usually mean on unix systems? with 100% idle there is no reason for anything to be blocked right?